Iconic Rock Rhythms (經典搖滾節奏)


I was looking for some iconic rock rhythms for introducing to my guitar student and just thought I would share some of my favourites here.  Most of them were from the 90s though, simply because that's the period I am…

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Beginner Guitar Lesson #6 - Time and rhythm basics

Every song has a pulse.    It’s like the heartbeat.  You don’t always hear it but you feel it because all the instruments are played with the pulse as a reference.   Listen to a song and try to feel its underlying…

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Beginner Guitar Lesson #5 - Open Chords

The basics 

The first goal for a beginner wanting to play popular music is to build up a chord vocabulary. 

There are around fifteen basic chords in a beginners chord vocabulary.  Using these basic chords, in various combinations, it is…

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Beginner Guitar Lessons #4 - Left hand techniques

The function of your left hand is to press the strings down to the frets in order to sound the required notes.  Before your right hand strike the strings, your left hand must be in position, creating a specific selection…

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